Understand Media Relations Create Special Events that Sparkle Take Hold of Social Media

Special Events

Your event needs to be unique to YOU, whether you’re hosting a fundraiser or throwing a special event. I have spent many years fundraising and never have touched the same idea twice. There are too many ideas still to execute! My experience has ranged from club special events to foam parties to fundraisers for local non-profit. Please refer to my case studies for more information.

Social Media

It is the new craze, and you are completely lost. Need clarification? There are many platforms out there for social media, but which are most important to you? A plan and strategy needs to be developed before you dive in to social media. This communication platform is here to stay and many people are hesitant on climbing on board. Let me help you understand. Send me an email.

Media Relations

You want to get the word out about your product, event or service, but how? Here’s where I can help. Know how to approach media strategically and effectively. Reaching out to the right people is important, and effective communications skills will help you get there. My experience ranges from radio interviews to press releases. If you have something you need communicated to the media, you’ve come to the right place.

Latest Work