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Get “Unplugged”

A couple weeks ago now I received an email from my Mom with the subject line “OMG – this is your generation.” I opened the email to the following video:

For a long while now I’ve been detaching myself further from technology, or better yet, I’ve been learning that there is a TIME for technology. I’m learning how important it is to enjoy life and the little moments and really embrace human interaction. This video definitely hit something in me and I want to share a few things that are bothering me more since watching it.

First of all, my Mom is completely wrong. This is not “MY” generation, it is society in general. So many people have turned to social media to fulfill their life and reinforce how “wonderful” their life is. We a losing the point of social media. We go out for dinner and take pictures of food to put on Instagram. We log into Twitter to tweet pictures of how absolutely astounding our family trip is while in a beautiful country instead of living it. We tune into Facebook only when we have something to brag about or complain about. Here’s an idea…

STOP! No one cares about your personal life THAT much! Remember the days where the internet was for researching information ONLY?

Given, Facebook is a place of friendships and interactions, so I’m all thumbs up to sharing your life (within reason) on this platform. It’s meant to keep in touch and share special moments. However, that being said, people that write “Good Morning World!” or “I’m going to bed, g’night friends!” should probably be slapped. Get real. You’re filling your friends feeds with silly nonsense.

In this video, you see the main character losing human interaction due to his constant obsession with his online network. Spend less time on the social media, and more time living.

Over the course of the last little while, I had been feeling I was losing my credibility and personal brand on Twitter (stay tuned for a blog post about this too). I was spending so much time tweeting how “life is good,” etc. etc. in the moment, that I was LOSING those special moments. I would get together with friends or family and be holding us up while I responded to a tweet or tweeted about how “absolutely wonderful this day is.” Then I started realizing that in the grand scheme of life, it doesn’t matter how many people favourite my tweet…they don’t really care THAT much.

Then I watched THIS video. Another powerful eye opener:

I think there is a powerful balance in life. A powerful balance between life and work. And an even MORE powerful balance to be achieved in life: a balance between technology and unplugging. Next time you take a walk in a conservation area, put the phone away. Next time you visit with a friend or go for dinner, don’t stop and take a picture, but appreciate the moment. Next time you take a holiday, embrace every moment….then share it with friends and family when you get HOME.

Good luck and unplug! Let me tell you, it’s definitely worth it. ????

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