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365 Days Later

Just this past weekend I celebrated my one year in Kingston. 365 days have passed since I packed up and made the short jaunt down the highway to The Limestone City. As I look back, it’s incredible just how much and how little can change in a year. Like the saying goes: “the only consistent thing is change.”

“You’re the most relaxed I’ve ever seen you.”

Those were the kind words of a friend I had lunch with the other week. “How?” He asked. Well, it’s a multitude of things. This past year I’ve discovered that the grass really can be greener on the other side. I know so many people who hesitate on a change out of fear. They question leaving jobs, relationships, friendships and more, because what if the grass isn’t greener on the other side?

Let me tell you, Friends, when you get to that place where change is really needed, you’ll be at your wit’s end. You will see no other possibility than change. You might even be pushed towards that change. You’ll HAVE to leave that job, relationship or whatever, because you see it as the only possible solution. Will it still be scary? Sure, change usually is. But I challenge you to embrace it because out of that fear of change can come something really great.

Every bone in my body knew I needed a change. I needed a change of scenery. I wanted to live in a City that suited my personality; I needed to surround myself with brilliant minds and challenge myself in a new atmosphere. Which is exactly what I did.

It’s not that I dislike my hometown, I love my hometown, but this change couldn’t have been better.

Kingston is a younger town and an active town too. There is always something going on, and it’s an amazing scene to live in. Want to grab a seat on a patio? There are tons to choose from. Want to shop at the Farmers Market? You’ve got more than one, on multiple days, to visit. Feel like doing something random like go-karting, laser tag or glow in the dark mini-putt? Well, check, check, check in Kingston. There’s even a wicked arcade bar where you can grab a brew and play games. This City is much more suited to my personality.

What hasn’t changed? Me. I’m still doing a lot of what I was doing in Belleville. I’m reading more, meditating, playing with my woo-woo stuff (like crystals and journaling), but in my new atmosphere, I’m breaking out of my shell even more. I spend copious amounts of time at the Farmers Market, and in the yoga studio. Recently I joined a social club and will be playing baseball soon. In a few weeks, I’m excited to be taking classes at Queen’s again too – it’s a breath of fresh air that I needed.

At the same time, those that matter to me most are still in my life. The distance hasn’t affected us in the least because if you love having someone in your life you always make it work. Sometimes it’s a little more driving, but no one has seemed to mind. I enjoy my road warrior-ing and I also enjoy hosting people in my adorable little downtown Kingston apartment. You meet new people and develop new friendships, but the ones that are meant to be in your life will always be in your life.

If something doesn’t feel right for you then maybe it’s time to explore other options too. 365 days later and I haven’t regretted a single moment of this past year. I’m relaxed and stress-free. I’m surrounded by awesome people in every aspect of my life. I took a plunge and haven’t looked back for one day. The only day is today, and who knows what the future might bring – but hey, the present is pretty darn awesome. 🙂

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