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Late is better than never, right? Unfortunately, my blog post escaped me this week, because (to be honest) my time management has been a bit wishy-washy lately. I’m 100% against the glorification of “busy,” so let me say that life has been wonderfully busy. Between a full-time job I love, yoga three times a week, gym, blogging, family/friends, road-trips, and taking a marketing course, I’d say things are jam-packed.

However, I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason and tonight, by being late, I found my inspiration for this blog post. This marketing course I’m taking has been a shocking learning curve. While I’ve worked in marketing since (almost) the day I graduated, this course has been full of wonderful twists, turns, inspirations…and math. It’s also been incredible to work with the students who are in various programs in years two to four.

It’s also my inspiration tonight because it’s been an interesting experience. Sitting in the class I’m not quite sure I look out of place; I’ve been asked several times what program and what year I’m in, but as I look around I sometimes feel out of place. When I was the sole owner of a vehicle in a class survey, and when someone asked me “how do you know that marketing technique” and my answer was, “because I work in the field…” Well, needless to say, there are times where I do feel out of place.

Yet, there’s this wonderful dynamic working with students. Firstly, it has taught me that I’m older than I think; I’m removed from pop culture and words like “booshie” (you can view the terrible song here) and there’s so much we lose in daily life if we don’t practice it – like high school level math. But secondly, it has reinforced my belief that age is just a number. I am learning SO much from my classmates (besides booshie). They are brilliant minds and I’ve been enjoying this class immensely.

Staying up late doing homework after working all day, hitting yoga and the gym, finishing a group project? Worth it. I’m having an experience of a lifetime, and to that, I thank my classmates.

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