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Exciting New Things

Last night I was hustling around getting ready for my first game of “official hockey.” While I had some basic equipment, I had to purchase and borrow a few items to complete the ensemble. By the time this blog goes live, I will have just completed my first ever hockey game (don’t worry, I’ll update you). But I’m just so darn excited because suiting up for a game is something I’ve been talking about for years.

It all started because I’m not a fan of the “stand fans” at hockey games. “If he was skating any slower, he’d be skating backward,” kind of people, that sit in the stands and don’t skate themselves (let alone play the sport). It’s just like the people who think horse-back riding is easy, but have never ridden a horse a day in their lives…

Years ago, I was determined to not be that fan. I dove into the sport of hockey, I dove in deep and I’ve never looked back. I bought skates, I watched games. I asked questions and took lessons to get better at shooting the puck, stopping and other power-skating drills. At approximately age 25, I was attempting to do something that most kids start at three or four.

And here’s the thing – it’s SO EXCITING!

Trying new things at any age is so freaking exciting. Do you have a hobby that you’ve always wanted to try? A sport that you never got to give a whirl as a child? Maybe it’s a trip you’ve always wanted to take? My advice – just do it. Honestly, what’s the worst that can happen if you try something toĀ the best of your capabilities?

My thought on this morning is that I’m either going to have loved it or disliked it. I’m going to discover its something I want to stick to and get better, or I’ll chalk it up to a great experience and move on. Who knows? I have dreams of grandeur (obviously…I wear the number 87), but I’ve just been looking forward to it for so long. Because new things are exciting. Change is exciting. Achieving a goal is exciting. LIFE is exciting.

Grab life by the horns and give something new a try.

Update: Our game was rescheduled for 1 pm today (Nov 22) and it was an absolute riot. I now have an even greater understanding and appreciation of the sport. Unfortunately, I did not get to wear my 87, but I rocked a #5 and I hope I did Nicklas Lidstrom proud (hahaha). Looking forward to getting back out on the ice again soon! šŸ™‚

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