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Two Beds & A Coffee Machine

I’m going to let you in on a little secret – typically I write these blogs on Tuesday night. 98% of the time, the topic of the blog doesn’t jump into my head until about 20 to 30 minutes before writing them. I find this way I write most authentically. You’re getting the best of my best in the moment that things are happening.

This week it was a struggle because there is so much going on; work, education, relationships, friendships, new hobbies, fitness and more. Life is full of moving parts and sometimes it’s hard to lock down just one nugget to focus on for this blog. Ā So I got thinking about some of the highlights of this past week…

One night a friend and I decided to pull out the old CDs (yes, we still own CDs…and VHS…and records too). It was a night of tossing in a ton of unmarked burnt CDs to see what gems we might find. There were some good ones, some really bad ones, and many forgotten tunes. Everything from country to old rock blasted out the speakers, which lead to many moments of dancing and singing (not well, I may add).

It was one of the greatest nights I have had in a long time. Have you ever noticed that those unexpected moments are some of the best moments of all? The unplanned, unstructured evenings where you can just let go and completely be your true, authentic self.

Over the course of the past year and a bit, I have really focused on surrounding myself with those people. The ones where I can be my true authentic self. The ones where we don’t go into the evening with a plan, but the plan just seems to unfold. It has led to some of my greatest adventures and strengthened the relationships in my life. I only look forward to having more of these adventures in the years to come.

I leave you with one of the songs that popped up on our musical journey. It’s a 1999, turn of the millennium, gem. At first? I’ll admit it’s sad. But after the second listen? It’s a beautiful song talking about taking each day one step at a time (a lesson I feel we need to hear more often)…

Happy Mid-Week Adventures šŸ™‚

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