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Most Unusual Of Places

You know what is awesome? When something good or someone great shows up in the most unusual of places. When something happens completely unexpectedly and turns out to be something really great. Have you ever experienced those moments?

How about that time you pulled up to the window at Tim Hortons and the car in front of you had paid for your coffee? Or that time you were having a really bad day, but someone took the time to hold a door open for you? What about a time where you were feeling lonely and somehow ended up being surrounded by incredible people for days upon days in a row?

These moments are some of the absolute best moments in life. The true gems that make the tough days easier and the okay days even better. It’s the beautiful side of the unexpected.

This particular week has been full of these moments for me. Unfortunately, no one has paid for my coffee yet, but I’ve met new people, had my mind challenged, visited with old friends and received the most wonderful mentorship from a recent prof. It made me truly appreciate the natural wonders of life, which I wanted to share – and it’s only Wednesday!

Sometimes when things are busy or challenging we lose sight of the wondrous moments. Sometimes we can even be too busy to notice the “unusual” things happening around us. Sometimes we might even take these moments for granted.

Keep an open mind and an open heart. Don’t look for the unusually wondrous moments, but be open enough to notice when they do occur. It just might put a smile on your face exactly when you need it most. šŸ™‚

Happy Wednesday friends!

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