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Happy Valentine’s Day

I’ve never been one for the gimmicks or consumerism of Valentine’s Day, but I have to say it’s a wonderful day for reflection (me and my reflections, right?). I challenge you to remember that Valentine’s is not about embracing those you love for just one day a year – as love should be year round! Take the pressure off and use this Valentine’s Day as a general reminder to be a little extra special to those in our lives sometimes.

And it’s not that we can’t be extra special any day of the year (that’s always the fun part of any relationship), but I feel like Valentine’s Day reminds us to beĀ that little extra special to those in our life. Everything red, pink, chocolate and “lovely” has been floating around us recently. I mean, quite literally. Valentine’s Day crap has been taunting us in every department store for months… and I’ve become a sucker for the Cherry Mocha at Starbucks

However, remember this Valentine’s Day that it’s not about the chocolate you buy or the reservation you may have made; it’s also not about spending THIS particular day together. Valentine’s is just a special reminder to show those you like/love/appreciate that you care. Use February 14th as a reminder and then let it follow you throughout the other 364 days of the year.

Cook them their favourite meal. Surprise them with their favourite board games. Maybe just make them a sandwich Bill Burr style, and leave them alone. Whatever it is, it doesn’t have to be over the top; just enjoy it. Do Valentine’s Day in your own way on any day – maybe that’s not doing anything at all, and that’s perfectly okay too!

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day everyone. šŸ™‚ <3

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