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The Excitement of Booking

Are you a traveller? Have you caught the travel bug? I don’t know about you, but in my world, there is nothing more exciting than booking a trip. The moment you click “BOOK” on a flight or hotel website it makes it a for sure thing. From a weekend trip to somewhere halfway around the world – there’s something so satisfying about going somewhere new.

Today, we clicked “BOOK” on our trip out east. The conversation has been mulling about for years and it’s finally happening. A little taste of Nova Scotia and a whole lot of Newfoundland. Now the detailed planning begins – AirBnB? Hotels? Motels? Camping? Who knows!

Happily taking suggestions if you’ve ever been to the east coast before… 🙂

As I book trips, it makes me think about how important travel is to me and why. I’ve been down south, and done the cruise thing, I’ve traveled to the west coast of Canada and across seas to Europe, and each trip has had its moments of self-discovery and incredible memories. It’s about submerging yourself in something different and learning something new.

Whether you’re diving into your home country or exploring somewhere completely different, I find the most important aspect of travel is to branch out of your comfort zone. Don’t do the usual – embrace the “unusual.” Travel within your budget, but find new experiences that are within your budget too. It’s worth it… I promise you.

I hope your life brings you many new adventures, trips around the world, and unlimited self-discovery. There’s nothing better than discovering a new favourite place and a little something new about you too!



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