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It’s All In The Eyes

Quite a few years ago now I had the incredible opportunity to sing at provincials for musical theatre. I had placed gold in a few classes at the Quinte Rotary Music Festival, and was selected to move on to a competition in Ottawa. When I arrived at the competition, I was even more excited to learn we would be doing a workshop with Elaine Overholt. I’ll admit, at the time, I didn’t know who she was. However, after an hour of learning much about not only her history, but theatre in general, she said something that has stuck with me ever since…

“It’s all in the eyes.”

She was talking about acting of course. “It’s all in the eyes.” When you can make someone believe your performance through your eyes, then you have achieved the next level in acting. It’s one thing to make the words come out of your mouth, it’s another to make your body move appropriately, but it’s a challenge to make something ring true through your eyes.

When you look in someone’s eyes, it’s amazing what can be seen. Unless they are a top-notch actor or actress, I say it’s pretty easy to pick up on emotion through the eyes. It can be passion or truth, energy or sadness; this is especially true if you’re blessed with someone in your life who’s eyes change colour with emotion – yes, that is a real thing (check out the section on “hazel eyes”).

Want to test how in tune you are with this? Pull up some pictures. Pull up photos of actors and actresses in scenes or on stage. Pull up photos of friends and family members. Pull up that family photo where you know the exact circumstances of when the photo was taken (were your aunt and uncle just fighting, or your cousin was holding back a secret?). See what I mean?

A picture is worth 1,000 words.

Moving away from the stage performance, they say a picture is worth 1,000 words and I think it’s the truth. There’s something incredibly powerful in being able to look at a picture and be able to see the thoughts and emotions through the eyes… That perfect day of skiing, weekends of road trips and incredible adventures, or just simply a quick selfie with those you care for in the comfort of home. The emotion really does ring true through the eyes.

Unless you’re in the company of Meryl Streep to Christopher Plummer, it’s safe to say the eyes don’t lie. 🙂


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