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No Alcohol? No Problem

On the weekend, I had the most incredible experience taking my reiki level one with Sarah Knight in Kingston, Ontario. It was a weekend of peace, love, meditation, closing chapters, and opening new doors. No words can fully explain how great it truly was. As we got ready to depart on Sunday, Sarah informed us that we are now in the “cleansing” period. One of the stipulations of this cleanse? No alcohol.

I paused for a second. No alcohol? Not even a glass of wine? I, like many others, have become accustomed to ending my day with a glass of wine or a beer. It’s almost like a ritual I don’t think about anymore, I just do it. But I haven’t always been like this, which got me thinking…

Where it began and where it ends

In university, I embraced the party life; beer pong champion and flip cup Queen. Not exactly titles I would have ever thought I’d wear proudly, but it became a way of life. Weekends equaled drinking. It was just something we would do and (to be honest) it was fun at the time. Then when university ended, it tamed down. Until I noticed the drinking creeping back in years ago.

We make our own choices, and here I was surrounding myself with drinkers; people that needed to drink to feel good. These people didn’t crack just “a” beer after work or have “a” glass of wine socially – it was more like a bottle. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good drink and great conversation in an entertaining atmosphere, but I sure didn’t need it to feel good. So I began distancing myself from these people over the years which led me to correct my thoughts on the weekend.

No alcohol? No problem. I can do this 21 day cleanse, no problem, and see where it goes from there.

A short tale of a friend

“I need to eat better, exercise more and drink less,” he said to me. It was easy from the outside looking in and not walking in his shoes. Then eat better, exercise more and drink less, I suggested to him.

“I can’t,” he looked down at his glass of beer. “When I go home, it’s what we do. We have to drink. It’s the only way we can unwind and be fun. It’s just so wound up all the time. We need it.” At this point, I looked down at my glass of beer and back at him quizzically. “No, I don’t need it to have fun with you. You’re relaxed and outgoing without it.”

“When I go home, it’s what we do. We have to drink. It’s the only way we can unwind and be fun. It’s just so wound up all the time. We need it.”

Phew! I was worried for a second as I have never been the type to need alcohol to be relaxed and have fun; I certainly didn’t want to start. Does this situation sound familiar? Then you might be trapped in a relationship or friendship that isn’t serving you anymore because when you’re truly happy and present in your life you don’t need alcohol to enjoy it.

No alcohol, no problem: The booze-less next steps

I’ll admit it’s still early, which is one of the reasons why I’m sharing this blog with you today. It’s a certain level of accountability to myself and my readers – 21 days, no alcohol. Not a drop. I’m curious to see how I’ll feel. It’s not like I drink all that often nowadays, but I’ve already had to switch up the fridge. Now, I reach for a sparkling water when I get home and so far I haven’t missed it at all (I say five days into not drinking).

I’ve been reading a lot lately about people that are more present in their bodies without alcohol, and the amazing effects of not drinking on weight. We shall see how all of that goes! I don’t know that I’ll become someone who doesn’t drink EVER, but I’m sure as heck aiming to be someone who doesn’t drink OFTEN. More than anything I won’t be the person who drinks to escape or needs to have alcohol to have fun and relax.

So, here’s a sparkling water “cheers” to my body and this 21 day cleanse! Stay tuned! 🙂

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