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The first time I was told I was like a Newfie woman, I was not sure how I felt about it. I had heard the term “Newfie” used in a derogatory way so many times, that it didn’t sound like much of a compliment. I was assured by my East Coast friend that it was indeed a compliment.

Recently I had the experience of learning how much of a compliment it truly is.

“They are just so relaxed and easy going. They are the type of women that can be the life of the party, but are also so incredible just to talk to.”

For the last couple of weeks, I have been on the East Coast. We started our adventure in St. John’s, toured across theprovince to Gros Morne, back to Terra Nova, and flew from St. John’s to Halifax for four more days (with many adventures in-between). During that time we experienced everything we possibly could. We ate so much seafood and drank (too) many local beers. I tried fly fishing and we explored both paths taken and untaken across The Rock and beyond.

It has been a hard adjustment back to the daily life since our days were full of hiking, adventures and incredible food. However, the hardest adjustment of all has been missing the people. I finally realized that being “like a Newfie woman” was one of the greatest compliments I have ever received. Newfoundlanders are the kindest, most generous and open people I’ve ever met. They will open their doors and share a beer with you; they genuinely want to hear your stories and give you local tips and tricks – you will never experience greater hospitality.

Why I Travel

So many times my travel adventures have been at a turning point in my life. This time it was completely by chance (as we started planning in January), but it could not have worked out any better. Not only is Newfoundland an area that I’ve needed and wanted to see for years now, it was a chance to breathe the freshest air and experience so many new things.

I can’t tell you how many people I know that travel to escape their lives. Things get tough and people get running. There’s a big difference between traveling for a break or experience and traveling to escape. The biggest problem with the escape route is that you always come back to your life being as it was. However, if you travl for the break and the breath of fresh air, you can return with the clearest of minds and a new perspective.

That was how this trip went for me.

There were many nights of deliberation and discussion. Over great food, good brews and amazing company, we talked about life. We talked about goals and relationships, jobs and plans. Some of it was hypothetical (like never leaving) and some of it was extremely close to the heart (like relationships). I came back with a rejuvenated view, a drive for new adventures and the much calmer attitude of the Newfie people.

Next trip you take, I encourage you to try new things. You’ve got to take the road less traveled to find the hidden gems. Take a wrong turn and get lost – because it’s the greatest way to be found.

“There’s no place I would rather be than here in Newfoundland.”

Until next time – happy travels friends!


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