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On The Right Track

As we head into Module Three of our PME 811 course, I continue to focus on my burning question of:

How do we keep our teaching innovative and creative? How do stay relevant and create programming that follows curriculum, teaches students the necessary skills and engages them with the material?

In the latter part of this week, I was inspired by the words of my classmate, Muna:

“Very interesting topic, and your question gave me a quick flash back on my own experience as a student.  Your concern is very well understood and felt!  But I think that you are going to find the answer, because I believe that the first step of solving a problem is admitting and accepting that there is one.  So, you are on the right track!”

She also shared a wonderful link that I wanted to share with the online community: 

What I appreciated most about Muna’s post was her comment that the first step of solving a problem is admitting and accepting that there is one. I think it is so easy in education (and in life) to just have the attitude of “it is what it is” and going on living exactly as things are… but where’s the excitement in education (and in life) without a bit of variety, change and development?

I think of myself as an educator, teaching the same topic year after year. I realize that in my field of communications, marketing and public relations, that there will always be dramatic shifts/changes/developments, but still, many of the concepts will remain similar year after year. How do I, as an educator, stay current and relevant, but interesting as well?

Personally, I think the key could be to have FUN with education.

Collaborate with community partners, coworkers, students and more to have FUN with the material that needs to be/should be part of the curriculum. Develop lesson plans and projects where the learning isn’t just one way, but I can learn from the students as well. Jumping back to the professor I mentioned in last weeks’ blog, he continually is redeveloping his content through collaboration with his students – and I think it is another one of the reasons why he is so relatable and interesting! People want to work with him, because he wants to work with people.

Those are my thoughts for this week… Looking forward to diving into everyone’s final definitions a bit more. 🙂


2 thoughts on “On The Right Track

  1. Hi Erica,

    My experience with the PME program has shown me that I can learn just as much from my peers as I can from the reading material. It is incredible how one person’s post can make you go “a-ha!” and view a situation completely differently.

    I love the website you shared, 19 ideas to promote more creativity in your classroom. Flexible seating is one idea I hope to try in my classroom this year, I was happy to see it made the list!

    One thing that got me thinking in your post was your thinking on admitting and accepting your problem. A lot of the time, teachers are afraid to admit there is a problem. By going to another teacher or even administration, we are afraid that the problem will be seen as our fault. We pretend that everything is “okay” or as you said, “it is what it is” to avoid looking like we have failed. However, that denial is the biggest problem we can give to ourselves and our students.

    You have created a fantastic blog and with your continued personal growth I know you will find the answer to your question around innovation and creativity.

    I look forward to reading more about your journey through this course.


    1. Hi Chelsey,

      Thank you for your kind words and awesome response. I really do believe in the power of accepting a problem and having a certain level of vulnerability in the teaching profession. It’s so important – not just in the classroom, but in life in general.

      What grade do you teach? I found the 19 creative ideas incredibly intriguing! Flexible classrooms are great. I remember being a student and loving coming into a new seating arrangement. It was like a new adventure in the classroom – that being said, I do adapt well to change. 🙂

      Learning from our peers has been one of the most rewarding aspects of the program so far, and I look forward to learning more!

      Have a wonderful weekend,

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