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Empowered Innovation

This week we head into the final, closing module of our PME 811 course. I am here to wrap up my thoughts on the following burning question:

How do we keep our teaching innovative and creative? How do stay relevant and create programming that follows curriculum, teaches students the necessary skills and engages them with the material?

Over the last month, I have had incredibly heartfelt and thought-provoking responses from my peers. Especially on my Burning The Candle and What About Structure blog posts. I decided today to address the question of one of my peers (Victoria):

So hereā€™s a question: to what degree does structure encourage and empower innovation?

It’s a great question and made me think back to my days of working in downtown Belleville. The options and opportunities were endless in terms of events, marketing and where to spend the budget. However, I can’t express how many “vision” meetings I attended where the conversation just went in circles. In the end, little was accomplished in these moments of “innovation and collaboration” due to the lack of structure, guidance and a need for more well-rounded representation around the table.

Therefore, I think there is a strong degree to which structure can encourage and empower innovation. If you have an end goal in mind, you have more time and, dare I say, ‘freedom’ for innovation. Inventors do not just wake up one day and decide to build their inventions – there’s a path to creation. Then, for the betterment of invention, there is a path to innovation.

Something I have learned throughout my Masters so far, and especially in this course, is that everything is an ongoing path of discovery and adjustment. Like they say: “The only thing constant is change.” And we as educators have to be consistently open to those changes. However, without some level of structure, it can be a messy vortex for innovation.

Thank you to ALL of my peers for their amazing questions, stories, and collaborations on these blog posts. Honestly, they have been the best part of this course! Stay tuned for blog two as I have some exciting news to announce this week. šŸ™‚

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