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Let’s “Go All In”

This week I was thinking about the concept of commitment. Whether it is a commitment to a job or a relationship, a fitness routine or a personal goal, the amount of effort and time we dedicate to it is important. Think of that time you have joined a gym with a half-assed intention; or attempted to maintain a long distance relationship with one-sided or zero-effort. It just doesn’t work.

I always say I do not commit to something unless I can give it 100% (personal or professional). Of course, giving it 100% of my time all the time is unrealistic, but if do not have the time to commit to it 100% at least at some point then it’s something I don’t commit to. Over the years it has caused me to pick up some things and let others drop depending on my goals in life (which change over time). It has encouraged me to prioritize what is most important to me and allowed me to genuinely be in the moment of whatever I’m doing.

Because of my commitment to “go all in” I have maintained stronger, better relationships, directed my attention to the career paths that I enjoy, and demonstrated not only a commitment to those around me but to myself as well. However, this wasn’t always the case…

In my early career days, I wanted to do it all. I joined multiple committees, councils, clubs and organizations in the attempt to gain as much experience as possible in a short amount of time. This was in addition to my full-time jobs, part-time jobs, and social life. What happened? It led to heavy burn out. It led to me picking one thing over another because I physically did not have enough hours in my day.

With a lack of time and prioritization, my relationships, professional life, health, and commitments all began to suffer; or at the very least they were not getting the attention they deserved or needed.

Nowadays I believe I’m truly starting to find my ability to prioritize and balance. I realize what is important to me and I find the time to make my life work. When I started to struggle with gym time in the evenings, I started to get up in the morning. When I feel like my social time is falling off the map, I stop and schedule a dinner date with a friend. My relationships come first in my life, but this commitment to relationships also includes a pretty important one: my relationship with myself.

If you’re feeling that burnt out feeling, I encourage you to stop and assess your priorities and commitments. Could you move closer to work to cut time off the commute? Would paying that little bit extra for grocery pick-up free up time in your evenings? Are you hammering out solid workouts, but throwing it away with crappy food? It’s all about committing to those goals and priorities. If there’s a will there’s a way, but you’ve got to be ready for the commitment to go “all in.”

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