Where Have All The Good Ones Gone?

I know that good men exist; they are out there somewhere. However, there is one type of male that I have run into again and again in recent years – what I like to refer to as “the man-child”.

It seems that gone are the days of wooing and courting. Now, you “swipe right” to find that special someone that you judge purely on looks. I feel like I’m swimming in a relationship pool of indecisiveness, people that refuse to grow up, and have been faced on multiple occasions with people in unhealthy or unhappy relationships that refuse to leave for whatever reason.

Being of hopeless romantic status, and not believing I would meet someone authentic online, I decided to turn to my friends for introductions. I quickly became overwhelmed by people with complicated situations or exes that are still living with them. Then, I’ve made the mistake of thinking I’ve found a good one (a couple of times) only to find out they “can’t be in a relationship right now” or they still are financially dependent on their parents.

Where have all the good men gone?

Dating has become exhausting. There are so many of us cheapening ourselves for the guy who “can’t be in a relationship” and there are so many men of marrying age living it up bachelor style. Who wants to grow up when mom will still make you pancakes on the weekend and dad pays off your credit card, right?

I write this blog post out of pure frustration. Being an old-fashioned soul trapped in modern dating life is tiresome. I don’t need someone to be the breadwinner nowadays or even hold the door open for me, but I’d like someone who appreciates all of me – the good, the bad, the overly emotional moments and the incredible moments too. And, you know what? I’m worth that.

You ALL are worth that. Whoever is reading this blog post right now – you deserve the best. Whatever the best is for you aim for that and don’t give up. While I’m tired and frustrated, I have something that is incredibly important; that something is “hope.” It’s hopes and dreams; reasonable expectations for a relationship, and self-worth. Some of the most important qualities one can have.

I’ll never find that special someone by swiping right; I’ll never lower my self-worth to meet someone who “can’t or won’t” be in a relationship with me; and most importantly, I’ll never lose faith that the best person for me will be there when the time is right.

Stay strong fellow singles. Be true to you, because that’s the most important person of all.

Side note for those you love a musical interlude; this is always a gem.

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