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A Whole New Me

This title is a complete exaggeration to me because a whole new me doesn’t exist. Yet, do you ever wake up and feel something just click?

In a way, it’s like our hair growing. I’ve talked with my friends about how you don’t really realize it, but all of a sudden you wake up and your hair is four inches longer.

A whole new me is just like that extra four inches. I talk about it and I focus on it and then, one day, I just wake up and it exists. It can be for anything really: A frame of mind, a new habit or hobby, perhaps cleansing something from my system. I just wake up and it’s clicked. I had one of those moments on Halloween this year.

What a perfect time to have a moment like that; under the full moon, in a new place, and feeling good as things start to align in life. I woke up that morning, under my soft new sheets, and thought, “Today is a new day and a new beginning. Today is the start of the next chapter.” I snuggled with the dog for a few minutes longer and then kicked my legs out of bed for my morning routine. And you know what…?

That day was the start of the next chapter. I felt new energy that I hadn’t had in a long time. The four inches of hair had finally grown and I was taking notice. All of the little pieces I’ve been picking up for months had finally started to piece themselves together and I was feeling good. No, I was feeling GREAT. There’s nothing better than that renewed sense of optimism and accomplishment.

A New Chapter of Me

There may be no such thing as a whole new me, but there’s always room in my book for a new chapter. Every book starts just like that, one chapter at a time. While we may not get to edit our chapters like a master writer, we can turn the page. Sometimes it takes a while to write the pages, and sometimes the chapter is just a few short pages. Write for as long as you need to close that chapter.

We want everything here and now. Living in a word of instant gratification we have become accustomed to everything being here and now. Click the button and magically whatever you want appears or disappears, but life isn’t an Amazon Prime order. Life is a masterpiece. And you, my friend, are Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel. Your life is Gone With The Wind; so, pick up that pen and start scribbling, Margaret Mitchell.

Our hair doesn’t grow overnight and our lives don’t change overnight either. There may not be a whole new me, but there certainly is an evolving me. Thank you to all the chapters; each chapter, new and old, has brought me to exactly where I am. Are the pages I would burn? Sure, wouldn’t we all. But I think the best pages are yet to come…

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