About Me as a Collaborator

Today I began my next course in my Master of Education: PME 801 – Collaborative Inquiry. Our first task was to share a little “about me” as a collaborator. This was my response:

I dabbled on the idea of doing a multitude of different technological projects for this, but in the end I settled with a couple pictures of my past work teams. One is a photo of Halloween, where our team dressed up as some form of animated character – it was an amazing day where we really had fun coming together. I was lucky to have an amazing team there that worked together on so many different projects. Our minds worked well together and the product reflected that collaboration. The other photo is my downtown Belleville team; two of us were full-time employees and the other two (in the middle) were summer students. We would have brainstorming sessions for events and marketing plans where we would all contribute a bowl of our favourite candies. Sitting around the boardroom table, snacking and drawing on paper, was where some of our greatest ideas would form. This was a tactic I had learned from working at a PR agency where we did a lot of brainstorming sessions.

Over the years I have learned that I am the “fun” collaborating type. I’d like to clarify that I know when to have fun and when to be serious, but I feel like collaboration should always have more of an effortless feeling than to be forced. I have witnessed forced collaborations in many of my past job, and it has taught me much about what not to do. Now, much like the video we watched, I focus on putting together hunches. I love bits of everyone’s ideas coming together to form something whole.


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