My Story

My passion for public relations and marketing began during my four years at Queen’s University and has been growing ever since. Through working on various not-for-profit projects, to establishing an appreciation for the social media world, my PR career was born.

Since then I’ve had professional experience from municipal to non-profit, and from hockey to radio. At each organization, I developed an extensive portfolio while having an incredible time with various incredible people. Each experience taught me new life lessons, opened my eyes to new adventures, and continues to develop my “style” as the years go by.

More recently I have been experimenting (and educating myself) in the fields of mindfulness, meditation and spirituality. Having always been the intuitive friend that people turned to for advice, I thought I’d dive a little deeper into this world – and what an incredible eye opener it has been; from crystals to daily meditations, I’ve been finding my way in a more non-technological world too. It was during this that I decided it was time to reboot the website.

Welcome to the new and improved Erica Holgate Public Relations. I’m calling it An”E”thing PR, because it’s not just about me, it’s about you. I’m here to share my stories, the case studies, but I’m here to (hopefully) help YOU. It’s about “anything” that I can do to help you.

To know more about my professional path, I encourage you to visit my LinkedIn profile here. To discover more about my adventures, I refer you to the blog section of this website, as the experiences continue…