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Appreciation For Time

As I lay there in the deep bathtub, I stared up at the ceiling; taking in the rosemary mint scent of the water. I had kept all of the lights off, so my only natural light came from the window above me. A Bluetooth speaker quietly played music in the background and I felt incredibly relaxed. It’s moments like that where you wish life had a pause button.

Naturally, that’s when I began to contemplate life – as one does in the bath. Through this contemplation, I realized that in my life, I have been unlucky/lucky to have learned an appreciation for time.

I wish I could say that the lesson was learned in a pleasant way, but it has actually been through a series of unfortunate events that I have come to realize that we never know what tomorrow might bring. We do not know who will be there tomorrow or what our bank account looks like a year from now. It is impossible to predict our life from moment to moment, let alone year to year. We need to live our best life for ourselves, because we only have this life right now.

This comes into play in every aspect of our life. If you died tomorrow, would you have any regrets? A job that you wanted to quit? Perhaps a friendship that you wished you had of rekindled? Was there a trip that you’ve always wanted to take? That time is now. Save your pennies for the trip (because being debt-free is also one of the most glorious feelings in the world), leave that relationship that is weighing you down, and embrace today. Think of your time as currency, and it’s the most treasured currency in the world.

Gathering an appreciation of time

Over the years I have witnessed many people fighting with sickness and regrets. People that feel trapped and hopeless, and people that are unable to make a change on their own. In a way, it is amazing to see what becomes most discussed in moments of sickness – their hopes, dreams, and accomplishments, to their deepest regrets and “what, if” scenarios. In those moments of listening, you have a beautiful opportunity to learn about the appreciation of time.

It’s not just about the time lost either, it’s about appreciating the time we do have. I have one person in my life that we always joke that any amount of time is never enough, but that we cherish each and every moment to the fullest of our abilities. That is the level of appreciation I hope that everyone reading this blog will seek in their lives. When each minute counts, each second, how will you spend your currency? Hopefully, you spend your currency with the people you love (and love you back) or doing the things you love that make you feel whole.

When I say people that you love, don’t let your mind go straight to intimate relationships. There are many people out there appreciating their time and spending their time alone, but they are not lonely. You can surround yourself with people you love in terms of family, friendships, co-workers or your random tribe – whoever they may be. Appreciating our time alone is also just as important as who we surround ourselves with. Because, as I’ve said before, our number one relationship needs to be with ourselves.

Go out there and you do you

Like I said, technically this is your one life to live. How do you want to live it? Do you want days full of smiles and laughter, or conflict and heartache? Do you want nights full of heartfelt conversation and dancing in the kitchen, or do you want to wonder if you’re missing something else? I hope you wake up each day, excited to get up and greet every moment as a fun new adventure. The most expensive currency of all is our time – spend it wisely, and appreciate what you have.

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