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Round & Round

I’ve always enjoyed Einstein’s definition of insanity: “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Up until now, I’ve just enjoyed it because it’s true. Then I got thinking this morning – how did Einstein come to this conclusion? I’d say chances are he did the same thing over and over and expected… Read More Round & Round

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29th Year

This past weekend I celebrated my 29th birthday, and while majority of my friends are panicking about ‘turning 30’ (holla 1987s) I just want to say: a) Have 363 days left until my 30th (just to rub it in on those panicked friends) and… b) I am shockingly excited for my 30th (which many people can’t… Read More 29th Year

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Get “Unplugged”

A couple weeks ago now I received an email from my Mom with the subject line “OMG – this is your generation.” I opened the email to the following video: For a long while now I’ve been detaching myself further from technology, or better yet, I’ve been learning that there is a TIME for technology.… Read More Get “Unplugged”