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Dance It Out

This week is a short blog post. In fact, it’s more of a challenge than a blog post with just a touch of background before we begin…For the past year, I have been having the time of my life, and it’s not because bad things haven’t happened, it’s because my focus is on the good.

Relationships, work, daily life – things get so much better when you can push through the tough stuff and focus on the awesome stuff. And when the times get tough, the tough get dancing – okay, maybe not what you’ve heard in the past…

However, that’s one of my many secrets. I remember a time last year when a friend of mine was having a really tough day. We got together and decided to crank the tunes. We each took turns picking songs and there was no organization to our dancing whatsoever – we just danced.

So here’s your challenge this week:

JUST DANCE. In your underwear; while you’re getting ready for work; with your significant other or in the company of friends. Whatever time works for you, just whip out the tunes and have a Meredith and Christina kind of dance party.

Good luck on your challenge and let me know how it goes. 🙂

Please note the “silver lining exes series” continues this week. Week four of five will be posted on Friday morning. Hope you enjoy my mindfulness, motivation, and ridiculous relationships all in one place. 

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