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Happy Place

I think it is important that everyone has a happy place. For me, one of the happiest places I can be is a kitchen. It may sound strange, so let me explain…

While I do know my way around a kitchen nowadays, I don’t love the kitchen because I’m some sort of exquisite chef. I love the kitchen because it is where so much fun congregates. This last year I was officially introduced to the East Coast kitchen party and now I’m hooked.

“Grab a seat! I forgot, you’ve experienced the East Coast now. Guess we are having a kitchen party tonight.” I was ushered into a seat at a little two-seater patio set. At the time, this kitchen was still enclosed and cozy. “Let me grab you a beer, and you can tell me all about your trip.”

And so we did. That’s the joys of the kitchen party. A cozy, welcoming atmosphere, where you can just let loose with the people you love. The music is blasting, the drinks are flowing, the conversation is effortless and you never know where your night is going to take you. While it is an East Coast tradition, it is something that we can work into our own daily lives.

Time for a kitchen party

Think of how much joy conversation with those you love brings you; away from the daily distractions of technology, we can engage on an even deeper level. Kitchens are the perfect place to put everything away, make some food or pour a beverage, and just talk or dance the night away. Personally, there’s always a need for a kitchen party stash drawer in the kitchen too. In mine? A deck of cards and egg shakers (never know when you need a quick percussion break).

While blowing out walls into more of an open concept can change the vibe of a kitchen (and perhaps increase your resale value), it really is the company that counts. Over the years, I have been in a lot of kitchens – friends, family, university acquaintances, relationships, my own kitchen and more. I can’t help but think of all the good times that have occurred from never leaving that area. From sitting on the counter, dancing on our own private dance floor, to hours of conversation, every time is a great time.

My happy place is the kitchen, but maybe yours is elsewhere. Wherever it may be, I wish you the happiest of times in your happy place. 🙂

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