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Hello Goals

As  I’ve been writing for weeks now, I did not make a new year’s resolution. Now, I am perplexed as I am taking a class on self-regulated learning (towards the master’s degree) and our next task is to establish a goal which we will be reporting on the progress of. Those of you who follow my blog via subscription, you will get to follow along with the adventure as I’m to post about it on my blog/website.

However, my head is spinning. What shall my goal be? Personal or professional? It has to be a specific goal with proximity and a level of moderate difficulty that challenges me. Lately, my goals have been so general – get my masters degree, exercise regularly, have more “me time”, but now I’m a bit lost. Truly I have a goal in mind… right?

I hoped by writing this blog post today that I might be inspired. Perhaps you can share a recent goal in the comments section to help inspire me? Or if you know me and think there’s a goal I should consider – that the progress can be monitored – please share those thoughts too. Who knew that picking a goal was going to be such a challenge?

Here are a few of my thoughts:

  1. Read more; Establish an actual reading goal and stick to it (1 book a month).
  2. Do something weekly for mind, body, and spirit; Make it a habit by the end of my course.
  3. Cut back on purchased foods; Less Starbucks and dinner dates, cook at home.
  4. Pick up the guitar; Be able to play at least 3 songs by memory.

While I know that goals are an important aspect of life, it’s funny how much I’ve been slacking on them lately. I surround myself with vision boards (perhaps my blog post next week will discuss this), journals and more, and yet I don’t have a specific goal in mind for life right now. I guess it’s because so many aspects of my life just do not have timelines associated with them – when things happen, they happen. I know certain things will; I just don’t know how or when.

Then there are certain things that may never happen. And for those things, I know it means that something else will be coming down the path. My “goal” is to go with the flow and roll with the waves of whatever is thrown at me… That’s my goal.

Now… to set a goal with a deadline. Wish me luck!

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