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In 15 Years

I will be the first person to tell you to think positive. Optimism is contagious and we need to spread it around; however, there are times where negative can be a good thing. Sometimes it can steer you in a new direction or it can teach you what you do not want to become. I have learned a lot over the last few years; a lot about who I do not want to be. You see, in 15 years I will be turning 47 years old, and here’s who I will become…

As a person

First of all, in 15 years, I will be who I want to be. Never try, or feel the need, to be anyone else. I remember the first time a man said to me, “I like my women pale-skinned with dark hair.” That’s when I said, “Too bad.” That same man has loved me with blonde hair, tans, and many more changes. It proves that you can be whoever you want to be and those that are meant to stay in your life will. What’s life if we cannot be who we want to be? If you have to alter yourself for anyone in your life, re-evaluate. Don’t sell yourself short, but instead shine as the person that you truly want to be – regardless of any “image” you think you should maintain.

My career

When I look back on my professional life, I want to look at it and smile. I will say proudly, “I did that.” I will own my successes and my failures, and be proud that I have gotten to that place (wherever I am) through my hard work. Never will I ride off the reputation of another, or will I put down another to get to the top of the professional ladder. I will have morals and value my relationships. There is such thing as professional values and morals, and I think more people need to think about what is most important to them – status or being a good person.

Relationship time

There are so many people in relationships that shouldn’t be. People that do not value themselves or their partner, and stay in an unhealthy atmosphere. They lose themselves in the materialistic lifestyle they have established and literally lose all individuality. I know I will not be single forever, but I will also never lose my independence. My future relationships will respect me for who I am, and I will trust them wholeheartedly. I’d never stay with a liar, and I would say staying with someone who “doesn’t tell you the whole truth” is kind of the same thing. Relationships mean the world to me, and I will never shortchange myself for another person. Shame on you if you fool me once, shame on me if you fool me twice…

Au Natural

While I already visited this a bit in being who I am, I wanted to also say I’m going to age and I’m going to do it naturally. Age is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. We spend so much time trying to alter it or avoid it. Why is it that an aged man with grey hair is a silver fox and a woman with the odd grey hair is an old hag? I’m not saying I’m going to let ‘er all go, but the Elvira look isn’t a pleasant one.

I will know that every wrinkle on my face will be earned with every smile and every tear of joy. I hope that my skin ages with the kisses of the sun. I’ll continue with my light dust of blush, subtle eyeliner for fancy occasions, and a quick wisp of mascara – as there’s nothing worse than a face that looks like a Crayola art project because NATURAL IS BEAUTIFUL (and don’t forget that).

As a parent

Of course, I plan on having kidlings some day. How many is still up for debate, as it depends on who I end up with. I’ll admit I dream of having a boy and a girl, but ultimately I just dream of having healthy kids regardless of their gender. What will they grow up to be? Anything they goddamn well want to be. I do not care if I raise a doctor or a lawyer, a professional hockey player or a sanitary specialist. If they have good health, manners, values, goals, relationships, and are doing what they want to do – I will be proud.

I believe in painting ridiculous expectations for our children we pigeon hole them. Then, should they not succeed in meeting our ludicrous expectations, they suffer. They suffer because they believe they have failed us. They suffer because they are disappointed in themselves, and you have fuelled that disappointment. Be happy, be kind, and let your children shine. Lastly, as a parent, I will model the healthiest relationship I possibly can for them. Hopefully, I will be able to show them what two loving parents look like. I will not fill our household with loud quarrels and negativity. However, should the father and I no longer be in love, I will also demonstrate that a relationship can be better apart. Rather than dragging them through the mud with us.

In conclusion…

I could go on for much longer with the lessons I have learned, but I shall pause for now. These past few years have been an incredible journey for me, and I’ve learned so much about how individuality matters. As I head into the future, I will keep myself debt-free, so I am never tied by the clutches of over-spending. My body will be my body and my soul will always be my soul.

The next 15 years, I will continue to value my life and relationships and continue to flourish into someone I am proud to be. I’ll spend my days living life more and spending a little less time on social media. My conversations will be full of positive optimism and never knocking down others to make myself feel better. Days will be filled with people I love and trust, that make me smile just because. However, most of all, I’ll be happy and living a genuine life. Because if you’re not happy, are you truly living?

PS. Just a random last thought – I will also never be someone who steals resort towels. It’s just weird – who does that? Buy bath sheets. The end. 🙂

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