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More Is Less

We’ve all heard the saying that “less is more”, but what about when “more is less”? Hear me out for a minute… Over the years, I have become obsessed with many things. Yes, I would say that “obsessed” is a fair statement. These things have sometimes been great (like golf) and other times not so great (cough).

The one thing I’ve learned about myself is that during these obsessions, I sometimes find that more is actually less. When I loved the spin bike at the gym, I bought one – barely used it. All those years of horseback riding – finally get a horse, and rode the least of my entire life. I got a golf membership for two years and in my last year of the membership golfed the least I had in more than five years… More = Less.

My Latest Less Is More

Things that are out of sight for me are never out of mind. When I get a big idea (or goal) I mull it over and over again: Do I get the spin bike? Should I get a horse? Is a golf membership a good idea? And then impulse takes over – I just go for it. It has cost me a lot of money over the years. Beyond a spin bike, it’s led to a motorcycle, many other memberships and products, and many, many road trips…many.

So, with all of these errors, I’ve come to realize – the best way for me to get over an obsession is close proximity. I don’t ever crave chocolate because I have it in my house and know that as long as I have it near me… the obsession fades.

It’s Not For Everyone

Does this work for you? Maybe, maybe not. The only person who can decide this is you. Do I think that I’ll stop making random, impulsive mistakes? Hmm…Probably not always, but this has been a wonderful step in that direction and explains so much in my life right now.

If that chocolate is close in the cupboard, it sure does curb the incessant thoughts and cravings.

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