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Morning Routine

My 6 a.m. alarm goes off beside me. I swat at my phone in the dark and my dog rearranges himself, cuddling in closer as if to say, “not yet.” As I’m looking outside, the sky is still dark and my bed is much more enticing than the cold floor I’m about to place my feet on. It’s early and it’s time to start my morning routine.

I procrastinate for a few moments. Counting my blessings that I have soft sheets to curl up in. My dog stretches and lets me rub his belly, and I realize I’m incredibly lucky to have found this utterly amazing furry friend. I take just a few more moments in the warmth of my bed to scroll the messages I missed from the night before (because I go to bed ridiculously early) and smile at the fantastic people I have surrounded myself with; enjoying each SnapChat, text message, and Instagram meme they have sent.

Time To Start My Morning Routine

As I finally place my feet upon the floor to start the day, I glimpse up at my vision board. I make a mental note that I really need to start ‘envisioning more’. It’s quite bare with only two inspirational quotes, a Christmas ornament of Nova Scotia that says “Home” on it, and a photo of my Poppa in a shirt I loved. Some mornings, I stop and talk to my Poppa. I ask him to watch over me and I hope that I’m making him proud.

The walk to the bathroom is a short one, and an odd one at that, as I drag my ass slowly through my kitchen (why the bathroom is off the kitchen, I’ll never know). My dog dances around my feet as he awaits his morning trip outside, but I glance at my mirror and take a few moments to read my Serenity Prayer that is placed above it. While I’ve never been a regular church-attendee, the prayer starts my day right:

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change; 
courage to change the things I can; 
and wisdom to know the difference.

Reinhold Niebuhr (1892-1971)

As I continue through the rest of my morning routine, the prayer rings in my ears. It encourages me to stay positive and focused on the present. The prayer is a reminder that some things are out of our control and also challenges me to think about the things that are not. And while I may not pray to God, I suppose I talk to my Poppa instead.

Find Your Serenity

It doesn’t matter where we find our serenity and our inspiration. Your serenity and inspiration are just that…yours. You do not need to explain yourself, all you need to do is be yourself and be true to yourself.

I structure my morning routine to inspire my day to start on the right note. I rise early, count all of my blessings (see above), sip my coffee as I clear out the inbox(es), dance to a playlist on Apple Music, and throw Gryphon’s pumpkin toy just to watch how happy it makes him.

Find your serenity and inspiration to start the day. I encourage you to start small. Appreciate the little things, like soft sheets and silly SnapChat messages.

Until next time… <3

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