My High School Sweetheart

Who could’ve known that the two little rugrats at daycare would reunite again in high school for a long-term relationship? Well, that was the case for me and my high school sweetheart. We landed in the same classroom in grade nine. I thought he was a nerd, and he thought I was a bitch. Nothing really changed, we always joked, but we found ourselves attached at the hip.

Frankly, this guy was my best friend. He was my male counterpart in high school. We had similar interests and balanced each other in personality. Luckily we shared the same smart-ass, inappropriate humour or god-knows our relationship would have ending a lot faster than it did. We were inseparable because every moment together was spent with our best friend in the whole world.

Back in high school, I think everyone thought we were going to be together forever. At the time, I think he thought that too. And while I didn’t, it was generally an awesome relationship; he was truly my first love.

When I was brainstorming what I learned from this relationship, it wasn’t easy. We were so young and so unjaded by the world. Our problems were issues like he couldn’t get the parents car on Saturday night, and I was sad when he moved provinces for a few weeks – brutal in the ways of the “real world,” right? So, while I have absolutely no hard feelings for this dear guy, I don’t really have any major lessons learned either.

The biggest thing I can think of with this guy was how he was my best friend first. Looking back, I would think my biggest error was dating him at all. As much as we tripped and fell into our relationship since we were best friends, I wish we hadn’t screwed up that friendship by dating. I know we’d still be friends today if that was the case. I’m thankful for the years we did have together, and the years of friendship prior to and following our relationship. He was one awesome, sweet guy, and I’m sure he’s making a wonderful husband nowadays too.

Heart of gold. 🙂


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