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Near Hits & Near Misses

Have you ever taken a moment to think about the close calls in your life? The near “hits” or near “misses” of opportunities? It’s amazing how many signs in life that we miss, and how things that seem so frustrating become clear years later.

My Close Call

A few months back, I had one of these “near” moments where I almost uprooted my life to Peterborough, Ontario. On a whim, I had applied to a job there and I ended up getting it. At the same time, I had been applying to jobs at Queen’s because I really love working there.

Nonetheless, I love Peterborough and enjoy my time there. Taking it as a sign, I started the process of relocating.

It didn’t take long to discover this was the wrong move to me. Days into the new job, I was enjoying the people and the position itself but was living an internal nightmare that I couldn’t explain. I had never behaved like this in the past; I had always embraced new jobs as a fun and challenging opportunity. Yet, here I was having ridiculous moments for no apparent reason.

I had never behaved like this in the past; I had always embraced new jobs as a fun and challenging opportunity.

That was My True Sign…

At that moment, I saw a turning point in my life; I had a decision to make. The universe was giving me some sort of sign and I had to decipher it. Frankly, I knew I didn’t want to leave Kingston and apparently my whole body knew it too. Someday, maybe, but definitely not yet. After having my “ah-ha” moment, I boogied back to Kingston and was committed to finding a position that I wanted to be in, with people I enjoyed, in the city I wanted to stay in.

When I approached a co-worker about the situation, he was a saving grace and offered me a job. It was a short-term contract, but it kept me in Kingston. And what happened the minute I confirmed I was staying? The interviews started rolling in. I had three or four in one week, and all of them were for jobs I applied to before committing to Peterborough. Talk about a twist of fate…

Near Miss = Time To Reassess

This isn’t the first time this has happened either. I was once offered a job in the AHL with the Hamilton Bulldogs. Feeling a little voice say “this isn’t right for you” I turned the job down. Seven months later, the Belleville Bulls announced they would be moving to Hamilton. A move I would not have been a supportive employee through – for many reasons.

Then there are multiple occasions I have had people ask me to apply for jobs, only to be an unsuccessful candidate. And what happens next? Something else pops up just around the corner. Every time I had felt the job was a “for sure” it always turned out not to be – and you know? It was for a reason.

Missed opportunities are sometimes a blessing in disguise. They are the moments that ask us to reassess. Chances are it was a move you weren’t supposed to make, and somewhere deep down you know it too. The little voice saying “this isn’t right for you.” The old saying about “when one door closes another one opens” could not be truer. It makes you assess whether you should stay where you are, or maybe it encourages you to knock on another door; know it will work out the way it is supposed to.

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