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New Adventures

New adventures are a part of life and, today, as I hung up the phone with a student today, I sat for a moment and took it all in. It was an amazing chat. The prospective student was getting all of their ducks in a row to make their dream come true – to start their new chapter and a new adventure in education. They are working hard and I know it is all going to pay off for them.

Every day I get to witness this and I believe it is a privilege to do the job I do. I get to listen to, watch, instruct, and guide students as they embark on new adventures. When I sit there and listen to their stories and their career aspirations, I am constantly amazed by their backgrounds and dedication. They think I am helping them, but in the end, they are truly helping me.

Working in education, every day is a day where someone achieves something. Whether it is a good mark on a project they’ve worked hard for, watching an extra-curricular they’ve planned to take place, or walking across the stage at convocation, it is a place of achievement. It is also a place of inspiration and I thank each and every student who has given me the privilege of working with them.

Making dreams come true

I remember the days of being a student (it wasn’t TOO long ago). The opportunities that were presented to me, the goals I set, and the dreams I had. I remember the people that built me up and helped my dreams come true; however, when I left school I never thought I would be back working in one again…and again…and, technically, again…

Yet, here I am. I’m somewhere I never thought I would be and couldn’t be happier. Working in education is one of the most fulfilling jobs on the planet. We literally get to change lives and help peoples’ dreams come true. It does not matter if you’re in marketing, communications, recruitment, teaching, support staff or more… in some way, you help a student’s dream come true. So just take a minute and think about that – and appreciate it.

Because I know I sure do…

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