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Nothing But The Best

I remember the first time it happened. The first time I thought I couldn’t live with anything but the best. It was grade seven and I had transferred to a new school. Back then it was all about the GAP sweaters and Tommy Hilfiger cargo jeans. If it didn’t have a name on it? I wasn’t going to wear it.

You see, I was sucked in by my peers; this longing to feel included and cool. When everyone bought ModRobes, I had to get them too. I was absolutely mortified when my mom wouldn’t let me wear handkerchief shirts like the Dixie Chicks in Goodbye Earl. Everyone else did, why couldn’t I?

As the years passed, I started to outgrow this phase. Unfortunately not before facing the trials and tribulations of keeping up with some of my wealthy university peers with Lululemon clothing, and later phase of thinking I needed leather jackets and expensive boots to be in the professional world.

No, this phase took a lot of quiet time, some rearranging my priorities, and finding myself to realize that I’ve found the perfect balance.

What’s the perfect balance?

Do you know the song “Money Can’t Buy Me Love” by the Beatles? I sure hope so, because it’s the truth. If you are the richest person on earth with all of the fancy things, and no one to love you, are you really the richest person on earth? Filling our lives with material possessions to impress others, or fill a void within ourselves, doesn’t do ourselves any favours.

And this is what I needed to learn.

It doesn’t matter if I drive a brand new car or wear an expensive jacket; if my nails are dolled up to perfection or I’ve splurged on a $200 hairdo. What matters most is the experiences I have (however cost-effective they are) with the people I care about. If I think it matters to me, then it matters to me. To me, I look inwards to decide what I need and what is important.

Is the odd financial splurge a part of that? Sure it is. I’ve taken a few spontaneous trips (hello, Europe) and have recently gotten slightly addicted to shellac manicures, but I don’t do this for anyone else but me. I don’t need to have society’s standards of the best, I just have to maintain the best standards for me.

When I picture myself years from now, I don’t see an obnoxiously large house or an Audi in my driveway; I don’t picture spending every winter at a five-star resort on a beach or top notch wine in my fancy cellar. I don’t need state-of-the-art technology in everything, or the latest fad in appliances or clothing. What I picture is modest living and happiness – so much happiness. A happiness the radiates from not the possessions we have or the image we maintain, but from the company we keep.

You see, in a roundabout way, I am all for nothing but the best…Nothing but the best people to share your life with. ❤️

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