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Pause, Take A Minute

Life goes by so fast. I remember growing up how I longed to be a teenager; then to be able to drive a car; followed by legal drinking age. Looking back, those years flew by. Today, I’m challenging you to pause and take a minute.

Take a minute to appreciate all you have done in life. Appreciate what your greatest accomplishments (and failures) are. Stop comparing yourself to others and just breathe in whatever is important to you. It might be the experiences you have hadĀ or holding the job you’ve always dreamed of. Or it could be the children you have raised or the people that surround you. Maybe it is a traumaticĀ event that you made it through – Whatever it is, pause.

We spend so much time waiting for “what’s next” that we miss what is right here, right now. So often we are focused on our next milestone or goal that we forget to appreciate and recognize all that we have, and all we have done, to this point. Those moments are just as important as what is next.

I do not encourage you to live in the past, but taking the time to appreciate moments is important. Because every step you’ve taken in the past has to lead you to where you are today. Every bridge you have crossed, every experience you have lived, has made you the person you are. How incredible is that?

And if you don’t like the person you are or the attitude you have: pause, take a minute, and re-adjust. All it takes is that pause, time for reflection and assessment, and BAM! You have another moment that could possibly change your life.

Thanksgiving might have spearheaded my blog post today. I think we don’t give thanks enough. Not just to the people we love, and what we have, but to ourselves and maybe even the things we don’t have. Every little aspect of our lives is important; whether that be the hard stuff or the good stuff.

So now, pause, take a minute and appreciate you for being you.

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