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With all of this extra time at home, it is shocking that I haven’t been writing. I do not have an excuse. I’ve purely been distracted with other things; however, when I video-chatted with a friend last week, she encouraged me. “I’m been sitting here and waiting for your next post,” she said. Well, thank you, Lindsay, and without further ado…here we go:

As I pondered the topic for this week, I struggled because I did not want to dwell on our current circumstances. It is quite easy to get caught up in the negativity and the varying levels of “woe is me.” So, I thought I’d actually share a recent endeavour of mine. A couple of weeks ago, I jokingly made a Quaran-To-Do list. It’s a series of activities that I plan on completing during this pandemic. I’m hoping that by posting this list today, that it will hold me accountable and also inspire you to maybe think of your own list.

My Quaran-To-Do

  1. Learn at least ONE new song on the guitar
  2. Take a drive – A long one to explore and pick-up random takeout
  3. Blog weekly from now on (I will be catching up on this one)
  4. Try my first juice cleanse
  5. Read every day – Finish a minimum of FIVE books
  6. Do yard work – Have everything ready for spring/summer
  7. Commit to THREE runs a week
  8. Do ONE online course “just because”
  9. Try ONE class from each exercise instructor that interests you in the area
  10. Have a socially-distanced “vodka-beverage” day in the sunshine

At this time, I am about 50% complete. I’ve taken the drive, finished my first juice cleanse, read five books, completed a lot of yard work, and am currently enrolled in The Science of Well-Being on Coursera.

Modify and Try Your Best

I realize a to-do list isn’t necessarily possible for everyone. Everyone has different circumstances right now, but I encourage you to think positively and do at least one thing for yourself. I’ve already realized that I might not achieve everything on this list (the weather has made three runs a week quite challenging) and that’s okay!

So, what do YOU want to achieve in your quaran-to-do? I’ll be back again on Wednesday to “make up” for my couple of missing blogging weeks. 🙂 #StayTuned

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