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Some Call Me Picky

When it comes to relationships, everyone has their spectrum of tolerance or their list of goals. Perhaps you have a list of things that you absolutely could not and would not deal with. For me, I have one requirement – to be with my best friend.

I know someone with parents that have the relationship I strive to achieve one day. They are the kind of people that melt your heart when you see the way they look at each other, and how they interact. A sense of pure love radiates from them.

As with any relationship, I’m sure it doesn’t come without its challenges. For one, I know that their children have felt that at many times they prioritized their relationship with each other over their kids. The kids sometimes see this as selfish. Personally, I think it’s brilliant.

Now that the kids are grown and out of the house (most of the time), they have each other. But not just as a human to sleep beside, they genuinely have each other’s heart. This is because they married their best friend. They prioritized their relationship with each other, and therefore have the strength in their relationship that most of us will only dream of achieving someday.

They see selfishness in the relationship, I see the brilliance

Because I don’t have children yet, some may say it is hard for me to judge or for me to understand. However, when I look at this couple I see that strength of connection and absolute beauty, and that’s what I want. All of their kids have grown up to be strong, beautiful, emotional, and successful individuals. Even though they may argue me a bit here, they really didn’t go without. They all had their individual, rather time-consuming, hobbies throughout their childhood and lived a decent life. Not many people will have had many of the experiences they may take for granted.

So let’s look at the flipside – So what if Mom and Dad took the odd trip solo? In those moments, I would believe they had the ability to focus on nothing but each other. They strengthened their relationship before coming back and running their children to sports practices or whatever else.

There are how many decades to our life – maybe 80 or 90 if we are lucky? I know that I want to spend the next 50 to 60 decades with someone I genuinely want as my sidekick, my partner in crime, and my absolute best friend. While I hope that we embark on the journey of parenthood (in my hypothetical relationship), I will always work for us to never lose that best friend spark.

You see? I’m not picky. I’m patient. 🙂

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