Own Your Story

Everyone struggles with keeping secrets. Whether or not you consider yourself a locked vault of your friends’ crazy stories, secrets weigh us down. And as juicy as our friends gossip can be, in my opinion, the most difficult secrets of all can be our own. We slap on a smile and walk out the door… Read More Own Your Story

Intuition, Personal

The Signs

When you can’t do it for yourself, the universe does it for you. There are so many moments where we choose to miss the signs. We turn a blind eye to those feelings in the pit of our stomachs and that ache in our hearts. The times where we need to make a change, but… Read More The Signs

Mindfulness, Personal

Time Means Nothing

How many times have you heard the following? “They’ve been together forever.” “We’ve been friends since birth.” Whether it’s a friendship or relationship, we’ve all had that run-in with time. We place such an importance on the length of time we’ve known someone or have been with someone. However, I’ve discovered something – time means… Read More Time Means Nothing