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Love of Music

Growing up I’ve always had a love of music. Before I could talk, you could witness me singing melodies in my crib. I looked forward to the year in elementary school when we got to pick an instrument and was devastated when I switched to a school that didn’t have a music program the year… Read More Love of Music

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A Whole New Me

This title is a complete exaggeration to me because a whole new me doesn’t exist. Yet, do you ever wake up and feel something just click? In a way, it’s like our hair growing. I’ve talked with my friends about how you don’t really realize it, but all of a sudden you wake up and… Read More A Whole New Me


Just Over A Year

Just over a year ago, I brought home Gryphon. My love, my best friend, and my little fur-baby. I remember many people saying to me, “When you get a dog your life changes!” It always sounded so negative. At the time, I had no idea the impact this little doggo would have on my life…… Read More Just Over A Year

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With all of this extra time at home, it is shocking that I haven’t been writing. I do not have an excuse. I’ve purely been distracted with other things; however, when I video-chatted with a friend last week, she encouraged me. “I’m been sitting here and waiting for your next post,” she said. Well, thank… Read More Quaran-To-Do

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Grey Zone

Isn’t life great when we have all the answers? When things are black and white, it’s easy (or at least easier) to make a choice. We can look at the respective paths with all of the information and make an educated decision. However, what about when we do not have all of the information? That… Read More Grey Zone

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A Lesson In Self-Love

Today I thought I’d give you three short notes about self-love. Self-love is truly one of the most important qualities one can have and it takes a lot of work sometimes. It’s not about thinking you’re perfect or being a complete narcissist, but it is about accepting yourself, giving yourself permission to focus on you,… Read More A Lesson In Self-Love

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Usually winning is clearly defined. In sports, it is the team with more points at the end of the game or the person that crosses the finish line first. However, this week I was thinking about the less clearly defined “wins” in life. The ones that involve power struggles. These wins can involve self-sacrifice or… Read More Winning?