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Love of Music

Growing up I’ve always had a love of music. Before I could talk, you could witness me singing melodies in my crib. I looked forward to the year in elementary school when we got to pick an instrument and was devastated when I switched to a school that didn’t have a music program the year… Read More Love of Music

Mindfulness, Personal

A Whole New Me

This title is a complete exaggeration to me because a whole new me doesn’t exist. Yet, do you ever wake up and feel something just click? In a way, it’s like our hair growing. I’ve talked with my friends about how you don’t really realize it, but all of a sudden you wake up and… Read More A Whole New Me


Just Over A Year

Just over a year ago, I brought home Gryphon. My love, my best friend, and my little fur-baby. I remember many people saying to me, “When you get a dog your life changes!” It always sounded so negative. At the time, I had no idea the impact this little doggo would have on my life…… Read More Just Over A Year

Mindfulness, Personal

On The Road Again

The other week I was driving a route I have driven many times before. Lyrics of the song “On The Road Again” looped in my head, and I found my thoughts drifting as they often do when I drive. To me, driving is meditation to a certain extent. I would say this is mostly because… Read More On The Road Again

Mindfulness, Personal

In 15 Years

I will be the first person to tell you to think positive. Optimism is contagious and we need to spread it around; however, there are times where negative can be a good thing. Sometimes it can steer you in a new direction or it can teach you what you do not want to become. I… Read More In 15 Years

Mindfulness, Personal

Happy Place

I think it is important that everyone has a happy place. For me, one of the happiest places I can be is a kitchen. It may sound strange, so let me explain… While I do know my way around a kitchen nowadays, I don’t love the kitchen because I’m some sort of exquisite chef. I… Read More Happy Place