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The Double Clap

“You know what a double clap is? Every double clap is like a new beginning,” he said.

“So, like every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings?” I questioned.

“Not at all,” he smiled. “Because I made up the double clap.”

I laughed, “Fair enough.” Then I accepted his logic.

As you know if you read my blog regularly, I write about the things that have really stuck in my mind from the previous week. Topic matter is in real time and as relatable as I possibly can be, but this was the random topic that stuck in my head this week. A quick conversation I felt the need to analyze a bit deeper…

Think for a second about a “double clap” and its placement in life. The only image that pops into my head is the double clap that often embellishes a song (like this suiting Hall & Oates song). It’s a clap that is inserted as a mini-break and then the music continues. When else do we experience a double clap?

If you met this friend and I there would be a debate to be had. Who is the dreamer and who is the realist? Some would say I’m the dreamer, others may say him. When it comes to things like this, I’ll let him take the crown of dreaming – because the logic and symbolism he expresses are like no other.

You see if we were to stick to his logic and my analysis – would we ever experience the “double clap new beginning”? If a double clap is an embellishment and the song continues is it really a new beginning? I don’t think so…

He and I debate the ways of life often. We disagree on many things and think similarly on many others, as good friends do. We challenge each other, and I hope as you read my blog, the thought process kind of challenges you too. So, with the double clap running through my head, this was the conclusion I came to…

Double claps are the way of life. I don’t see them as necessarily new beginnings, but life is full of these embellishments. Sometimes they throw off the rhythm of life and other times they are so smooth you don’t even notice them happening in the background. However, they are never a new beginning – only a beautiful continuation of our journey.

Sometimes we get to choose our double clap moments, and other times they are built right into the song we are currently living. Every double clap is a moment of appreciation and reflection, and then we move forward. Personally, I’m quite looking forward to double clap moments in my life… how about you?

Until next week…

*Double clap*



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