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The Signs

When you can’t do it for yourself, the universe does it for you. There are so many moments where we choose to miss the signs. We turn a blind eye to those feelings in the pit of our stomachs and that ache in our hearts. The times where we need to make a change, but can’t seem to budge from where we stand.

Over the years, I have come to believe that if we choose to ignore the signs, eventually the universe will make the decision for you. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have heard stories of people being unhappy in their jobs and relationships and doing nothing about it. Until one day, the universe says, “it your time.” In those moments doors close, opportunities change, or the partner in the relationship chooses to end it first.

Why do we ignore the signs?

Why do we not spend a little more time listening to our gut? As Scandal character Olivia Pope says, “My gut tells me everything I need to know.” When we choose to listen, we can hear answers that we have been ignoring for so long. The problem is that listening to our gut can be absolutely terrifying.

Our body knows. Think about it for a second. Our body tells us many things – when to eat, sleep, drink, or go to the bathroom. We rely on the signals from our body to tell us when we are dehydrated or sick. So, why do we struggle so much to listen to our bodies when something just doesn’t feel right in other aspects of our lives?

I really enjoy these 3 reasons why you have to trust your gut on Psychology Today. It’s all about listening, and there really is a science behind it…

The more experienced you are in the domain you’re deciding on, the more accurately your intuition can offer you the most optimal decision. 

Susanna Newsonen MAPP – Psychology Today, May 20, 2015

What happens when we listen?

In July of 2018, I almost took a job. A job that involved a considerable move and change in my life. Usually, I am someone who looks at change as an adventure, an opportunity for growth and development. I want to grab life by the horns and give it a whirl.

However, when I left my first day I sobbed all the way home (I was commuting for the first few weeks). I couldn’t explain it to anyone who asked. The people had been nice, the job seemed like a good challenge for me, and I had put the downpayment on a really nice apartment. Yet, my body was telling me a different story.

Less than a week into the job, I decided I needed to quit. I couldn’t fully explain it to anyone. Everything seemed fine there, but I have learned over the years that I must listen to that little voice and the feeling in the pit of my stomach. Crying aggressively for no reason? That was a serious red flag to me.

A couple months ago, I was contacted by a woman who held the position after me. We chatted for a few and I learned she had held the position for only eight weeks; she stated she knew on the second day that she shouldn’t have stayed at all.

The Gut Is Almost Always Right

I have to say that the gut is almost always right. From the scientific reasoning and my personal experiences, my gut has rarely led me in the wrong direction. When I choose to pause and genuinely listen, and not try to force the answer, it tells me what I need to know. Is this good for me? Do I need to cleanse an aspect of my life? Does my relationship feel right?

Take the time and listen to your signs. We know when they exist and are pushing us in different directions. Perhaps if you choose to ignore, you will receive a blessing in disguise – a chance to pivot, not by choice, but by necessity. Sometimes they aren’t the easiest of pivots, but it just means that something better is waiting for you.

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