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Under A Full Moon

When I was a kid, my mom used to tell me that she would turn into a werewolf under a full moon. I have to say that she was incredibly convincing because until I was around nine years old I believed her. Over the years, I am sure I had my doubts, but nonetheless slept with one eye open on the night of a full moon – you know… just in case. Somehow though, I still developed a love for full moons.

People often talk about the behavioural changes associated with a full moon. Hospitals get busier, people drive a little bit crazier, and some might say they just feel “off.” I actually found an article discussing the myths and proposed science behind full moons, which you can explore here. A bit of a spoiler though: they say that there is no science behind it, but there is an unexplanatory increase in emergency rooms, crime rates, etc. Regardless of the studies, let me get on with the point of today’s blog post.

Change is inevitable

As I have stated in many blogs before, change is inevitable. It happens whether we want it to or not. We cannot stop change. The only thing constant in our lives is change. You get the idea. For me, under the full moon, I have often had meaningful turning points in my life. Some moments were conscious and others subconscious; in those subconscious moments, something spontaneous happened, and I looked into the sky only to notice a full moon staring down at me.

The spontaneous moments happened frequently enough that I started noticing moon cycles. At the time, I was also working on my self-awareness through meditation and journaling. With a bit of listening, I realized I was a little hairy near full moons and a little clearer near new moons. Is it coincidence? Perhaps, but I can tell you one thing that happened when I started to notice. Because of these moon cycles, I started to develop a self-care routine. Taking a bit of extra time for me and what I need. Pausing to reflect on my thoughts, assess situations, and then choosing to act. Sometimes my choice to act was to do nothing, but as I’ve stated before, that choice is still an action.

Take time for you

Self-care is something we do not do nearly enough. Our lives get busy and we get distracted in the chaos. We claim we do not have time for it. However, think of every time you go to get a drink from a container in your fridge. If you continue to drain the container, does the liquid refill itself? No. In my opinion, we are similar as human beings. If you give, give, give or go, go, go, you will be drained, drained, drained. Grab a book, have a bath, sip on tea, or write in a journal. All of these things can revitalize you, and if it happens to be under the light of a full moon, bonus!

If you are curious to learn more about full moons and the overall moon phases, I follow the Astro Twins on Mind Body Green for astrological fun. This week was a full moon in Virgo, and you can learn a little more on this website. Lastly, I have been inspired a lot recently by Delia on Instagram. Her posts are wonderful and sometimes speak to me when I didn’t even know I needed it. Happy self-care and moon phasing! 🙂

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