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Walking Through The Door

I have had the opportunity to walk through the doors of Loyalist College on many occasions.

As a child, I entered the college as the daughter of two alumni; my Dad was also instructing at the college part-time.

After graduating from Queen’s, I decided to attend the post-grad public relations program.

While I didn’t think I would be back again, I returned to Loyalist again in 2013 as both a recruitment officer and tele-campaign supervisor. I enjoyed many months on the road, and then many weekends supervising an incredible team in the Pioneer building.

This week I walked through the doors of the Kente building once again in a new capacity – as a professor.

The beginning of my professor journey

While running through the halls as a child was great, and I made lifelong connections in the PR program, this is my most exciting return yet. I am ready to challenge myself, inspire the next generation and give back to my community and alma mater. I have felt so supported by the wonderful staff and professors at the college. Now, I am counting down the days (maybe even the hours) until next week.

I’m going to keep this blog post short, but I just wanted to say a couple of things:

  1. I couldn’t be more excited to embark on this educational journey. Between teaching swimming, music, skating and more while growing up, and now taking my Master of Education, it is the moment I’ve been waiting for. If any of my future students are reading this – I am beyond excited to meet you next week!
  2. To everyone out there – dream big. While I might not have always said it out loud, I have always wanted to teach. I’ve been building up to this moment since I was nine years old. Vision is everything. Establish your vision, your long-term goal, and work on those short-term goals to get there.

Thank you to all of my former colleagues, professional community, friends, and family for your kind wishes and sincere congratulations. You’ve been incredibly supportive throughout the entire journey (in more ways than you realize) and I cannot thank you enough.



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